Eggcellent Recommendations | User Error 36

Chris and Wes go to war over Select-A-Size, Uber pays some hackers, we discuss the changes coming to TechSNAP, how to build a podcast setup, some #AskError & more!

+ (00:00:00) – Chris hates Select-A-Size
+ (00:04:40) – How to play tech support for family members during the Holidays
+ (00:12:51) – Cyber breaches are getting worse then ever
+ (00:21:55) – TechSnap is getting a reboot, here’s how
+ (00:37:55) – #AskError: What classic song is totally inappropriate, what practices are totally messed up, but common in the business world & more book recommendations
+ (00:49:18) – Building a podcast recording setup
+ (01:12:38) – #AskError: What have you recently bought that makes you feel like an old person?

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