Hey Siri, It’s Bone Time | User Error 37

This week, we cant get rid of Wes so we make the best of it & cover what we did over the holiday/shopping week, get sad over a missed opportunity, talk relationships, moving, food, #AskError & more!

+ (00:00:22) – Turkey Day traditions… or not.
+ (00:04:44) – Cross that Bridge when you come to it.
+ (00:17:38) – Paperwork problems.
+ (00:25:24) – Chris shares some personal pain
+ (00:36:25) – Black Friday & Cyber Monday have passed. Our boys share what they came home with.
+ (00:51:35) – A discussion on holidays with new relationships sidetracks into a war over the best and worst fast-food.
+ (00:57:07) – Is Trello worth the Trouble-o?
+ (01:15:15) – #AskError: if you could live anywhere in the past, when would you go?
+ (01:18:25) – Humans are badly designed.

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