Why Bitcoin is the next Linux, the Gentoo Challenge is in full swing, and we catch you up on the latest community news, a throwback app pick & more!

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Amazon spins Ubuntu-driven “AWS DeepLens” cam

Amazon unveiled a 4MP machine learning camera with AWS hooks that runs Ubuntu on a Cherry Trail SoC.

LinuxFest Northwest 2018

LinuxFest Northwest, an annual Open Source event in Bellingham, WA USA, features presentations and exhibits on free and open source topics, as well as Linux distributions & applications, InfoSec, and privacy; something for everyone from the novice to the professional!

Linuxfest Northwest 2018: “Message In A Bottle”

LinuxFest is celebrating 19 years of service to the Free and Open Source community and we want you to be a part of it! Please join us by being a presenter at one of the largest, technically diverse, educational, and fun open source conferences here in the Pacific Northwest.

We are encouraging (but not requiring) that presenters touch on our theme “Message in a Bottle”: Security, Containerization, and Personal Data. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at present@linuxfestnorthwest.org.

Dell, Other Vendors Start Shipping Laptops With Intel ME Firmware Disabled

At least three Dell computers can be configured with an “Intel vPro(tm) — ME Inoperable, Custom Order” option, although you’ll have to pay a little extra for those configurations.

Linux Academy

Google Code-in

Pre-university students ages 13 to 17 are invited to take part in Google Code-in: Our global, online contest introducing teenagers to the world of open source development. With a wide variety of bite-sized tasks, it’s easy for beginners to jump in and get started no matter what skills they have.

Linux AIO

For those not familiar with the Linux AIO project, it’s a non-profit organization formed for educational purposes to build unique ISO images containing all the essential flavors of various popular GNU/Linux distributions, including Ubuntu

TeamViewer 13 Linux Preveiw

it is with great pleasure that today I can announce the availability of TeamViewer 13 for Linux. TeamViewer Host for Linux PCs is now a regular product. It also serves as the foundation for the native TeamViewer 13 (full) for Linux, which we release as a preview today. Highlights:

  • native client, no more Wine
  • native 64 bit packages, no more 32 bit dependencies
  • DEB and RPM repositories for convenient updates

VLC: Bug Bounty Program

The European Parliament has approved budget to improve the EU’s IT infrastructure by extending the free software security audit programme (FOSSA) and by including a bug bounty approach in the programme.

The Commission intends to conduct a small-scale “bug bounty” activity on open-source software with companies already operating in the market.


Bitcoin for Linux Users

or why Linux Users Should Care about Bitcoin

💰 The cryptocurrency price tool on CLI. 🖥


Gentoo Challenge Check In

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