Mike shares some recent lessons he’s learned trying to scale his team, some tools they tried & the processes that have stuck.

But first we kick it off with some of your feedback, a bit of Hoopla & wrap it up with a quick touch on hardware.

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Feedback / Hoopla

“These patterns do the dirty work for the developer — they are curated packages of code, one-click GitHub repos, documentation and resources that address some of the most popular areas of development, including AI, Blockchain, Containers and IoT. These patterns will help developers get right to the task at hand, giving them more time to innovate and build,” Angel Diaz, vice president of developer technology and advocacy at IBM, wrote in a post.

Today I’d like to announce Homebrew 1.4.0. The most significant change since 1.3.0 is that Homebrew filters environment variables.

The Patreon page says they receive $177 per month. That’s too low for a project with such a high popularity and usage.

I read somewhere ( and I bet ) it’s used by Google / Facebook / Apple employees.

Challenges of Scaling a Development Team

iPhone X Impressions

  • Compromise compromise, compromise…
  • The Notch and Development Complications

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