Matrix Freeloaded | STOked 97

Matrix Freeloaded | STOked 97

More free-to-play information has landed on Cryptic’s site, and we’re sure you wanna hear ALL about it. After we finish discussing the finer points of this new subscription model, we’ll set a course for September’s Ask Cryptic with a full suite of sensors ready to snoop out the juiciest bits of STO’s inner workings, before diving into another set of delicious Tweet Leaks!

Then, hold on tight for a special KDF edition of the Foundry Files, guest starring the author and co-host of Podcast UGC, Havraha!

And we top off this sundae of awesome with a cherry of Community Feedback, including some great tips for keeping your Fleet strong, and a brand new question all about F2P!

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Show Notes:


Free to Play Matrix and FAQ
Changes for everyone:

  • KDF unlocks at 25 (we’ll talk about that more during the Ask Cryptic)
  • “Premium” Race selections coming off the C-Store (into the Doff system)
  • Foundry: “8 Starting Slots” – more coming to the C-Store?
    *We are discussing the exact criteria for how Gold players will “unlock” new Foundry slots and hope to have this in place at or shortly after F2P launch.
    What does F2P not get?
  • Limited bag space
  • Limited EC storage
  • Fewer character slots (one each faction)
  • Very few boff slots (enough to have just 1 crew for both space + ground)
  • No Foundry authoring (can still play)
  • Ads in Vivox
  • Limited chat, mail & customer service
  • Let’s talk stipend! 400 points for subscriptions… Is that enough?

So are Lifers losing the Liberated Borg or not?

Ask Cryptic – September Edition

  • Voth as a potential baddie in the future?
  • Very few assets or features being added to the Foundry until F2P lands (but maybe more social zones hooked up as doorways)
  • Wait, WHAT? No new missions until after F2P lands? … ouch
  • Info on the Borg Ground Assault – sounds like a CO open mission, kinda.
  • Perfect World is going to help with localization efforts – huzzah!
  • Some talk of “costume” options for ships
  • “STO is a very solo-heavy MMO…” (commentary)
  • KDF at 25… (commentary)
  • FLEET PROGRESSION (not just starbases) coming with Season 5
  • PvP will have a strong focus in 2012

Tweet Leaks!



Mission: “Time The Enemy” by Havraha

Grab the complete report


Results from Last week

Last week’s question: “How do you keep your fleet strong?”

Skype in from Jupiter Force – Fleet Leader, Maverick
Discuss ribbon rewards

Skype in from {UFP} United Federation Planets – Fleet Council Member, Mikester
Discuss “assimilation” forum mini-game, and “changelings” voicechat mini-game

Example of the new Borgified signatures of members of the UFP Fleet


New question:

Since the F2P Matrix is currently still “subject to change” what major changes would you recommend be made?

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