Old Dog, New Tricks | User Error 39

In this week’s show we’re introduced to Chris’ new puppy Levi, a Sonos 1 mini-review, experiences trying to get multi-room IoT audio working, 3DS region locking, Wes’ trial of home assistant & Beard’s Seattle move progress & more!

+ (00:00:10) – Chris gets region lock-blocked.
+ (00:05:25) – Patreon rolled back their fee changes, but concerns have been raised.
+ (00:18:24) – Chris’ Smart Home is no Katey Sagal.
+ (00:34:37) – Rikai’s new apartment is coming together.
+ (00:44:22) – Net Neutrality gets repealed. What does that mean for the network?
+ (00:54:04) – Chris becomes a dogfather.
+ (01:06:56) – #AskError: You wouldn’t download a car… would you? Should there be time-share sexbots? Would you adopt a forever-puppy? When’s the podcast about group sex? What’s the 5-year vision for Jupiter Broadcasting?

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