Microsoft makes one of their boldest moves into open source yet, Mike’s got new wheels and turns it into a chance to reflect on building for voice interfaces, Amazon’s got a new way for devs to make money & we continue to ponder the best ways to achieve CI bliss.

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I’m looking into upgrading my CI setup and am having a hard time finding one cloud solution that does all of the following:

  • Rails
  • Xamarin
  • Node / JavaScript in General
  • iOS Native


Win32-OpenSSH: Win32 port of OpenSSH

This is the port of OpenBSD’s excellent OpenSSH[0] to Linux and other

Amazon introduces paid subscriptions for Alexa skills

This is the first time third-party developers will be able to implement a direct means of monetizing their skills themselves, but it’s not the first time developers have earned money from their skills.

Apple TV, Google Chromecast return to Amazon – CNET

The e-commerce powerhouse adds five Apple TV and Chromecast devices to its online store, offering an olive branch to both Google and Apple.

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