Network Namespaces have been around for a while, but there may be be some very practical ways to use them that you’ve never considered. Wes does a deep dive into a very flexible tool.

Plus what might be the world’s most important killswitch, the real dollar values for stolen credentials & the 19 year old attack that’s back.

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Show Notes:

The Market for Stolen Account Credentials

Usernames and passwords to active accounts at military personnel-only credit union fetch $60 apiece,

while credentials to various legal and data aggregation services from Thomson Reuters properties command a $50 price tag.

Hackers Target Plant Safety Systems

FireEye reported that a plant of an unmentioned nature and location (other firms believe it’s in the Middle East) was forced to shut down after a hack targeted its industrial safety system

it’s the first known instance of a breach like this taking place.

R OBOT Attack: 19-Year-Old Bleichenbacher Attack On Encrypted Web Reintroduced

A 19-year-old vulnerability has been re-discovered in the RSA implementation from at least 8 different vendors—including F5, Citrix, and Cisco—that can give man-in-the-middle attackers access to encrypted messages.

WannaCry: End of Year Retrospective

Last November marked the six-month anniversary of WannaCry, arguably the most impactful global cyberattack in history. The persisting WannaCry attack is a re-purposed ransomware strain amplified by (allegedly) leaked exploit code from the NSA.

Linux Network Namespaces Explained


Reboot Follow Up

Hidden Backdoor Found In WordPress Captcha Plugin Affects Over 300,000 Sites

This backdoor code was designed to create a login session for the attacker, who is the plugin author in this case, with administrative privileges, allowing them to gain access to any of the 300,000 websites (using this plugin) remotely without requiring any authentication.

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