Wimpy: Origins | User Error 40

This week we welcome back Wimpy and dive into popular community topics, Bitcoin & space! Plus some #AskError, Tattoos, body hacking Wimpy’s crazy rig setup & we peel back the covers on his origin story!

+ (00:00:15) – The fellas reflect on how far they (and Bitcoin) have come.
+ (00:17:00) – #AskError: What social norm would you like to skip entirely? If you could go back in time, what period would you go to?
+ (00:32:20) – Florida man tattoos “Do Not Resuscitate” on chest.
+ (00:43:52) – #AskError: What’s a warning sign you’ve recognized in yourself?
+ (00:52:15) – Wimpy exposes the juicy details of his Linux system.
+ (01:12:05) – Voyager 1 is running out of energy and thrusters, but a way has been found to extend its lifespan
+ (01:15:25) – Wimpy tells the story of his entrance into Linux, and watching it mature.

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