Mike lays it all out for 2017 and makes the case that the small independent development model is fundamentally doomed. We spend the last Coder of the year being very honest about what hasn’t worked in our businesses, about the limitations that life and circumstances put on us all & how we try to make the very best of the hand we’re dealt.

It’s not a typical end of year episode, but it might be the most important.

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Rust in 2017: what we achieved – The Rust Programming Language Blog

Rust’s development in 2017 fit into a single overarching theme: increasing productivity, especially for newcomers to Rust. From tooling to libraries to documentation to the core language, we wanted to make it easier to get things done with Rust. That desire led to a roadmap for the year, setting out 8 high-level objectives that would guide the work of the team.

How’d we do? Really, really well.

GitHub’s global policy predictions for 2018 · GitHub

With issues like net neutrality and digital news curation in headlines every day, we’re seeing the effects of the growing role that technology has in our lives more than ever. From how we educate our children about new tools to how we decide to regulate internet service providers, we have a set of vitally important questions in front of us. To answer these questions, we’ll need a meeting of the minds—one that brings together the perspectives of government officials, business owners, developers, and citizens from all over the world. This global discussion is the only way we’ll progress toward appropriate solutions and the right balance in refocusing technology on humans.

Google fights fragmentation: New Android features to be forced on apps in 2018

Recently Google announced it will start setting a minimum API level that new and updated apps will be required to use.

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