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The boys are back after the holiday break & a lot happened while they were gone! Oregon let people pump their own gas as Chris looked on with his new dog, the Beard moved to the big city, Noah’s gone a quest to turn Ask Noah up to 11, you guys continued to be awesome & more!

+ (00:00:05) – Chris and Noah enter a nightmare of unwanted updates.
+ (00:13:53) – Oregon decides people can pump their own gas. Riots, explosions, and zombie outbreaks ensue. … Or not.
+ (00:21:35) – The beard has completed his move to Seattle.
+ (00:24:00) – Offending Noah with Plex Cloud.
+ (00:38:10) – Chris begins skipping out on his medical insurance.
+ (00:45:45) – This just in: JB viewers continue to be awesome.
+ (00:50:00) – Audio ain’t “hot”. What now?
+ (01:04:38) – Chris’s new dog is, like, really smart.
+ (01:16:55) – #StreamADay

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