Linux Action News 36

Barcelona is switching to FOSS the right way, Nextcloud launches peer-to-peer encrypted video calls, big changes are coming to Google’s AMP & why the BSD camp is laughing at Linux this week.

Plus Fedora’s new “primary architecture”, Ubuntu 17.10 is back & more!

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Episode Links
  • Barcelona to switch to FOSS — According to the news report, the city plans to first replace all its user applications with alternative open source applications. This will go on until the only remaining proprietary software will be Windows where it will finally be replaced with a Linux distribution.
  • Nextcloud Talk — We’re very proud to announce today Nextcloud Talk, the first enterprise-ready, self-hosted communication technology giving users the highest degree of control over their data and communication.
  • AMP changes aren’t good enough for some web devs — The Web is not Google, and should not be just Google.
  • Ubuntu 17.10 ISOs available again — The Ubuntu 17.10.1 ISO re-spin is for disabling the SPI kernel driver to avoid messing up select laptops.
  • is hosted on a home connection — The site’s backend is hosted on a machine at home which is waiting for someone to enter a luks passphrase after a power outage while on vacation.
  • Bad news for the fans of — Bad news for the fans of  : the main board of the server somehow did not survive the outage 🙁
    Expect prolonged downtime while I source replacement parts.
  • Fedora might make AArch64 a primary architecture — Fedora developers are looking to promote their AArch64 / ARM64 / ARMv8 server offerings to being a “primary architecture” for this next Fedora release.

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