Life, the Universe & Everything | User Error 42

Beard & Chris are joined by a very special guest & discuss the things that’s getting smart this year, the things that life throws at you & all the things that we think are great that you think is weird.

+ (00:00:04) – Oregon’s gas-pumping law wasn’t exactly what we thought it was.
+ (00:01:10) – Chris reports from the CES-pool; there’s a lot of smart devices.
+ (00:19:05) – #AskError returns! What are life’s toughest mini-games?
+ (00:22:54) – #AskError: What video game was “worth it”?
+ (00:30:24) – #AskError: What’s the best twist to a movie?
+ (00:35:45) – #AskError: It’s really weird, but you might like it.
+ (00:38:35) – #AskError: What are you currently struggling with?
+ (00:48:35) – #AskError: If you could pick your own name, what would you pick?

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