Stop Using apt-get | TechSNAP 352

And start using configuration management! Embrace reproducibility of systems & streamlined management with TechSNAP’s introduction to Configuration Management.

Plus the news of the week that could impact your systems, your feedback & more!

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Show Notes:

SamSam Ransomware Hits Hospitals, City Councils, ICS Firms

The current story should stand as a warning for companies running computers open to remote RDP connections. These computers should be secured with a strong and unique password in order to avoid crooks like the SamSam crew breaking into their systems.

A Secret Hacking Group Is Using Android Malware to Spy on Thousands of People in 21 Countries, Research Finds

“One of the interesting things about this ongoing attack is that it doesn’t require a sophisticated or expensive exploit. Instead, all Dark Caracal needed was application permissions that users themselves granted when they downloaded the apps, not realizing that they contained malware,”

Lenovo Discovers and Removes Backdoor in Networking Switches

Lenovo engineers have discovered a backdoor in the firmware of RackSwitch and BladeCenter networking switches. The company released firmware updates earlier this week.

Spectre and Meltdown Follow Up


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