Neo-Hobo | User Error 43

Dustin joins the guys this week to talk Fasting, Spam, becoming a hobo, cryptocurrency, youtube, linux, flying cars & more! This one is packed to the brim!

+ (00:01:04) – User Error welcomes Dustin to the show, and says goodbye to their tables.
+ (00:06:30) – Chris and Dustin get back on the fasting bandwagon.
+ (00:26:40) – A spam confession.
+ (00:30:30) – Chris gets ready to live in a truck by the river.
+ (00:38:18) – Rikai spills his altcoin mining secrets.
+ (00:45:15) – Youtubers are getting increasingly desperate. Meanwhile, Rikai goes all in on Twitch.
+ (00:50:30) – A California company combines the two most promising prefixes in housing: prefab, and smart. Also, Chris reveals the best possible use for ladytubes.
+ (01:01:27) – Tech stories of the week – Linux native app development is slowing down.
+ (01:09:20) – Uber in cooperation with NASA is developing flying cars.

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