Coin-Operated Flip Phones | User Error 44

In this episode, Noah joins and we talk about Pebble, snaps vs flatpacks, answer some new #AskError questions & take a peek at rikai’s crypto adventures. What the heck is Ravencoin anyway?

+ (00:00:08) – Pebble gets a fan-made OS to keep it going forever.
+ (00:10:41) – Noah doesn’t knock. Snaps vs Flatpacks.
+ (00:22:18) – Using people’s weaknesses to help them.
+ (00:28:52) – #AskError: has technology made us too dependent? Why have a MiFi and LAN in Lady Jupes?
+ (00:40:38) – #AskError: What superpower would you choose?
+ (00:50:34) – Rikai loves ravens.

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