Rockets & Ravens | User Error 45

Noah & Rikai have run away with the show! This week we get nostalgic about Winamp, talk about Noah’s windows switch, weigh the pros and cons of intel’s Google Glass competitor, cover some of rikai’s adventures in Ravencoin, get wowed by some cardboard, decide what our ‘forever’ food is & get it up over the Falcon Heavy!

+ (00:00:00) – True barbecue.
+ (00:01:00) – Winamp becomes a webapp.
+ (00:05:40) – Everyone knows Noah’s gone Windows.
+ (00:17:15) – Intel makes its own Google Glass.
+ (00:24:06) – rikai bets his electricity on Ravencoin.
+ (00:50:53) – Noah discovers the joy of cardboard.
+ (00:58:05) – If you could only eat one type of food, what would you eat?
+ (01:05:27) – Elon Musk gets it up.

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