Deep Learning | User Error 46

Noah and the Beard switch up the format a bit this week, taking a more laid back and wondering approach to the weeks topics. We cover everything from Linux on the Nintendo switch and Net Neutrality to Netflix shows, ultrawide monitors & more. There’s something for everyone this week!

+ (00:00:23) – Noah doesn’t watch cable. 24. Canadian Star Trek. James Bond. Black Mirror.
+ (00:23:58) – Concealed carry nachos. Dominoes vs Pizza Hut.
+ (00:33:48) – Switch, to Linux.
+ (00:38:40) – #AskError: If you could choose where and when you died, how would you do it? How can a religious person be friends with an atheist?
+ (01:06:45) – Rikai and Noah get ultra-wide. Dell and Lenovo dock.
+ (01:31:31) – #AskError: what do you want to do that’s illegal? What’s illegal, really? Meth is the best ADHD treatment.
+ (01:48:27) – We need more ISP competition.
+ (01:56:18) – Rikai and Noah are not medically trained professionals.
+ (02:14:08) – Use #AskError to send in questions, whether they’re happy or sad.

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