One Ping Only | LINUX Unplugged 237

Canonical’s Ubuntu desktop head and their VP of Product Development join us to chat about the new proposed data collection system they want to build into Ubuntu 18.04 & Cassidy from System76 and Elementary OS join us to talk about their efforts to turn drive encryption on by default.

Plus a BIG announcement at the end of the show!

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Follow Up / Catch Up

KDE receives 200,000 USD-donation from the Pineapple Fund

“We will use the funds to further our cause to make Free Software accessible to everyone and on all platforms. The money will help us realize our vision of creating a world in which everyone has control over their digital life and enjoys freedom and privacy”.

More diagnostics data from desktop

“We want to be able to focus our engineering efforts on the things that matter most to our users, and in order to do that we need to get some more data about sort of setups our users have and which software they are running on it,”


Secure By Default: Disk Encryption

For System76 and Pop!_OS, they hope to ship the new installer as part of the 18.04 release in April, barring any last-minute hold ups. For elementary OS, we’d love to ship it in Juno (and are working toward that goal), but we do have a backup plan to ship the existing installer if we don’t feel the new one is ready yet.

GNOME’s New System Monitor Tool is Available to Try in Bionic

Well, don’t get too excited. Despite being in development for a while the app doesn’t quite deliver on the lure of the early mock-ups. For instance, it doesn’t provide historical data (yet) or offer any stats on power usage.


​Bogus Linux vulnerability gets publicity

GoSecure claims it’s discovered Chaos: a Stolen Backdoor Rising Again.

Why OpenStreetMap is in Serious Trouble

It may appear at first that this article is a comprehensive list of everything I find wrong with OSM. It’s not.

Linux Academy

Tech Talk Today is Back

  • Twice a week.
    • Start of the week, and end of the week editions.
Why T3 and not Plan B, or another Linux only show?

We put Tech Talk Today on hiatus back in September of 2016. And still there is no tech news and lifestyle show that represents the perspective of someone in the open source community. This is always bothered me, there are lots of good tech shows… But they all have a strong silicon valley bias, and typically can’t see beyond the apps on their smartphone.

Looking at the near-term future…

We have a content problem. I’m going to be traveling to SCALE, LinuxFest NW, and I hope, doing more interviews like I did at Microsoft and others recently.

So I’m launching a limited run of Tech Talk Today, one season, 10 episodes.

Please give it a listen, it should be a fun romp with a bit of a story arc as I get my butt to SCALE.

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Patrons will get T3 exclusives.

I’ll be trying out some new stuff with this show (like seasons, limited run, and a LOT more) so I’m keen to get the take of my Patrons.

Pasadena Convention Center, March 8 – 11, 2018

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