It’s All Wimpy’s Fault | LINUX Unplugged 238

Linux apps are coming to ChromeOS via containers, Fedora is going for better battery life & what is going on with Xfce?

Plus Ubuntu MATE’s cool new tick & we take a look at crankshaft: raspberry pi + android auto + free software + love.

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Show Notes:

Chrome OS may soon be able to run Linux applications in a container

As mentioned in the comments, and pointed out by Chrome Unboxed, one Chrome OS developer uploaded two screenshots of what the container feature will look like. It shows a popup with the description, “Develop on your Chromebook. You can run your favorite Linux apps and command-line tools seamlessly and securely.”

Tusk Evernote Client Updated, Is Now Available as a Snap

Through the inclusion of optional themes, keyboard shortcuts, custom tweaks, a tray icon, and more, Tusk integrates the Evernote web app with the Linux desktop in ways a regular browser tab can’t.

Changes/ImprovedLaptopBatteryLife – Fedora Project Wiki

Improve Fedora (Workstation) Battery Life by enabling various hardware power-saving features by default.


Ubuntu Software Will Soon Let You Install Beta, Bleeding Edge Snap Apps

Alex over at WOGUE noticed that the latest version of Ubuntu Software in the Bionic Beaver daily builds offers the ability to switch/select Snap channels through a GUI.

Where’s Xfce 4.14? Current Development, Roadmap & Future – FOSS Post

Xfce’s situation is a bit concerning because by the time Xfce 4.14 is out, GTK+ 4 could already be released as stable. Also, Xfce didn’t move a single step in the direction toward Wayland. And with the speed of the current development, the good DE could lack a lot behind.


New Kdenlive Beta is Available for Testing

A new public beta release of next-generation Kdenlive is available to for testing.

‘Satoshi’ Craig Wright Is Being Sued For $10 Billion For Stealing His Partner’s Bitcoin

Craig Wright, the nChain chief scientist who previously claimed to be the pseudonymous bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, is being sued for a whopping $10 billion for stealing $5 billion in bitcoin from a former business partner

Linux Academy

Crankshaft is a turn-key GNU/Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi that transforms it to an Android Auto headunit. All you need is a RPi3 board and its official 7″ touchscreen.
Driving demo, Features demo.

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