Niche Busters | CR 298

Mike’s back from a conference in New York & to say he’s got a few things on his mind is putting it mildly. Strap in as we rip through myths, lies & salesmen.

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Follow Up


Alexa has lost its voice as Amazon Web Services suffers widespread outage – The Verge

A regional outage impacting Amazon’s servers has led to Alexa becoming unresponsive on Echo products and other devices that support the assistant

Keyboardio: heirloom-grade keyboards for serious typists

We’ve placed an independently programmable RGB LED underneath each and every key on the keyboard. Out of the box, the Model 01 can breathe, glow and do cute rainbow fade animations with the best of them, but the neat part is that each and every one of those LEDs is end-user controllable. With just a few lines of code in the Arduino IDE, you can completely customize the light show.

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