Mike’s Wishlist | CR 299

Chris is on the road & Mike’s been reflecting. Plus we answer some of your questions, which snowball into some much larger discussions.

Then Mike’s made a list & he’s checking it twice.

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Episode 300 Shenanigans

Coder Radio is celebrating episode 300 in style with these awesome coasters!

Mike’s new toy?

Mac Wishlist – dominickm.com

Coder Radio listeners will know that I’ve had a lot of angst for the last few years over modern Apple’s treatment of the Mac as a platform. What some of them may not know is that I actually want to love the Mac again, but I find the product design decisions to be fairly alienating. Like most tech commentators I have a wish list of what I think Apple should do to restore the Mac to the gold standard of progressional workstations that I believe it formally was and once again can be. To be clear, I believe that macOS and desktops as a whole will be exclusively professional devices in the not so distant future, therefore, there’s no reason to make any costly compromises to a more consumer market — today, I’d urge any non pro (pro in the sense of developer, designer, data scientist etc) to go with an iPad Pro or the small MacBook if they want a physical keyboard.

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