Cleared for Departure | STOked 99

Cleared for Departure | STOked 99

The big news this week is the just announced departure of Dan Stahl, Star Trek Online’s Executive Producer. We spend a few minutes chatting about the past, present, and future of the game in light of the recent news.

Plus we take a look at the STF upgrades, some new ship designs, and much more!

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Show Notes:


Dan Stahl LEAVES!

  • Was NOT fired by Perfect World… that’s just silly…
  • But, he’s heading to Zynga? That hurts a little.
  • CTO Stephen D’Angelo stepping in as “Emergency Executive Producer Hologram”
    • Previously contributed a huge portion of STO’s central code, and is a ST fan
  • Also one of the primary proponents of getting The Foundry into STO
  • Priority One Interview w/ DStahl

Gozer lays out the backstory of the STF revamps

Tweet Leaks!

TTS Goodies (no links, sorry)
* Sept 29th target for 4.1 on Tribble
* CapnLogan is making a new Connie! (NOT T5) is this a picture of it?

New Orion Ship from CapnLogan – concept sketch, rough model, and first render


“Rise of Darkness” parts 1 AND 2
by Jake81nx

Grab the entire review PDF

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