Simple File Sharing | LAS | s18e09

Simple File Sharing | LAS | s18e09

HTC is exposing private information about Android users, and we bust out our ACTION RAGE! Plus Gnome 3.2 is out, find out whats new, and Microsoft kicks things up to a full assault against Android, we share the details!

Then – Find out how easy it can be share files under Linux, even if you want to do it like a pro! Plus our picks for quick and simple file sharing, and a whole lot more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Runs Linux:

Autonomous Flying Robots Flock Like Birds, Runs Linux

Android Pick:

Universal Pick:


  • Should LAS go Season less?


Debian is winning the Upstream War

  • Debian has ~108 (~42 of Ubuntu) to Redhat’s ~46 forks
  • Redhat’s RPM package system, while a popular standard, suffers from a number of issues
  • Redhat uses the YellowDog update manager, which solves some of the
  • Debian’s APT handles dependencies much better
  • Both suffer from a plethora of different ‘repositories’ as compared to FreeBSD’s single repository for all versions and architectures.
Linux File Sharing

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