New Voyages | STOked 100

New Voyages | STOked 100

In celebration of our 100th episode, STOked went on-site at Cryptic Studios to bring you the latest information and feature announcements, straight from the mouths of the developers themselves!

In addition to interviews and walkthrus, STOked has a big announcement of its own to make that you cannot afford to miss!

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Show Notes:


Tribble Patch:
– Doff System (lvl 12)
– Mission Journal UI upgrade (including Replay button!)
– “New” Fed tutorial
– First steps of the Dilithium switchover

Also a few unannounced tidbits:
– Ent F in the Mirror Universe incursion
– New voiceovers for the Guardian of Forever
– STF armor on display at ESD
– Ship shield quadrants change shades from blue to red as they lose integrity
– DS9 updates

F2P Test Rewards:
– Reach level 11 and receive an 8 hour XP boost item on Holodeck
– Reach level 31 and receive “a reasonably large chunk” of Dilithium on Holodeck
– Reach level 51 and receive a bonus ship slot, and a unique title.


Let’s roll that beautiful bean footage!

– Up first, an interview with the Emergency Executive Producer Hologram: Stephen D’Angelo
– Then Al Rivera takes on a whirlwind tour of some upcoming +1 ship powers for the Feds!
– Then, Jesse Heinig gives us a run-down of the Dilithium-based economic changes
– And we end with a tour of Bajor!

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