League of Legends | MMOrgue 18

League of Legends | MMOrgue 18

It’s not an MMO. But you asked for coverage of League of Legends, and I’m here to deliver from the MMO perspective… what mechanics, economics and community interplay have led to LoL being the breakaway hit that it clearly is? Can the MMO industry learn from these mechanics? Join me and my tournament-tested correspondent as we ramble our way thru an open editorial regarding the unique leader of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena gaming.

This episode also contains a very important announcement from Jeremy regarding the future of MMOrgue. Fans of the show can’t afford to miss it!

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Show Notes:


No persistence of world

Persistence of character – partial

Skill-based… condenses the experience of getting better and growing as a character into a ~1 hour experience

Bartle Test: Explorer, Achiever, Killer, Socializer
link to the test at GamerDNA.com

  • Explorer = Non-existant
  • Achiever = Will enjoy leveling up from base to cap in a condensed timeline compared to MMOs
  • Killer = Visceral, fast-paced PvP combat
  • Socializer = Multiplayer interaction, and access to “police” the community via Tribunal System

Free to play with cash shop

Earn cash shop currency with game time

It is also the primary form of player advancement (Runes, etc)

Free champion each week, to give free players a chance to try before you buy… if you are patient

Weekly champion rotation helps eliminate stagnation for free gamers


Tribunal System

Valve’s $1.6 million prize pool for a DOTA championship – largest EVER in eSports

Studio Rumble


Defense of the Ancients (player-built mod for Warcraft III)

Defense of the Ancients 2 (aka “DOTA2” – being made by Valve, release TBA)

SMITE (entering beta, premiered at PAX Prime 2011 – www.smitegame.com for info)

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