Ubuntu & Kubuntu 11.10 Review | LAS | s19e01

Ubuntu & Kubuntu 11.10 Review | LAS | s19e01

Fresh off the mirrors we load up Ubuntu and Kubuntu 11.1 and give you our review for both in this ACTION packed episode!

Plus – We observe the passing of a industry legend, help boost your memory, and give you our take on Richard Stallman’s Steve Jobs comments!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Kubuntu & Ubuntu 11.10 Review:
  • Ubuntu 11.10 Finds it self in a hard spot. The steady, and very needed improvements in Unity cost them in overall “on the box” bullet points for Ubuntu. Overall, the end result of this release is something that feels much better built than 11.04 did, but there’s no buzz term for you to hang that hat on.
  • Chris suspects this could be an ongoing perception issue for Ubuntu. They have additional work to do on Unity, and that will undoubtly take a great deal of their developer focus. This meas other fancy buzz features might get missed.
  • Perhaps Ubuntu could name, Unity releases. “Ubuntu 12.04 featuring Unity 3”. Then they could focus on all the improvements in that version of Unity that ships with that Ubuntu release.
  • Linux 3.0
  • Gnome 3.2

Ubuntu 11.10

Kubuntu 11.10

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