Feedback & Errata #1 | LAS | s19e02

Feedback & Errata #1 | LAS | s19e02

The big show covers a lot of epic ground, this week, we fire up our ACTION camp stoves and pitch a tent! Powered by your feedback, we cover your ideas, suggestions and correct a few mistakes!

Plus: The DoD thinks Open Source is ready for duty, we look back at Ubuntu’s 7 years, and fire the ACTION cannon at ZDNet’s latest Linux link bait!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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David Gewirtz

He worked on a project called Frontier Kernel, he added sqlite and mysql support to it. So he is a “kernel” developer, but in the larger context of OS kernel development.

Errata & Feedback:

  • Felix Albrecht – Just saw your review and liked it a lot (more action like back in the days ;P), but you complained about two points which are not correct (or I misunderstood)
  • if you configure backup, there is an option ready to backup directly to your UbuntuOne storage
  • in the Ubuntu Software Center, there is an option under File -> “Sync between computers” to sync your installed applications between your computers using UbuntuOne
  • Jupiter Colony is a steaming pile of dog crap! Looking for someone to run it for us and make it more respectable!
  • From where i can find really old LAS podcasts?
  • Make ubuntu gnome3 look more like gnome2 (erroneously said allowed gnome2)
  • 7 Best GNOME Shell Extensions, Install in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric via PPA
  • VirtualBox: There are no longer a open source and proprietary version. There is only the GPL version which can be extended by an optional proprietary plugin. See…
  • VirtualBox correction In short: You can use the version from your distro repo and just download the extension file if you need the extra features.

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