The Next Generation | STOked 101

The Next Generation | STOked 101

Big changes for Star Trek Online fans, and STOked is rolling out one of the latest! We introduce the beginning of a new show format, chat about the Doff System, big economy changes.

And of course, a few of the difficulties players are having with STO’s transition to free to play.

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Show Notes:


> Doff System

– Operant conditioning / skinner box …Farmville
– Bartle test…Doff system fits into the “Achiever” aspect of gamer psychology
– Bajoran Doffs removed until the DS9 Feature Series debuts
– Reduced XP for longer term missions
– Increased XP for shorter term missions encouraging more frequent “Doff sessions” for players


> Economy
  1. Dilithium/Emblem exchange rate unchanged. F2P players get +30% more Dilithium for their time as previous subscribers. 336 converted, 480 earned.
  2. 754 dilithium per converted emblem for a MK XI Beam Array (formerly 30 emblems)
  3. Options taken away from the T-5 Excelsior after people paid money for this item.
  4. VA token still taken from us despite being told that nothing would be taken from subscribers.
  5. Increases Decreases Common Items Unchanged
  6. 58.62% 9.20% 100.00% 32.18%
  7. Salami Inferno says C-Store prices are final
  8. James T. Picard points out that Cryptic’s C-Store prices aren’t higher than LOTRO’s in-game store prices.…d.php?t=238302

    • MVAM 1200 c-store points 2000 c-store points
    • Using 336 exchange rate: 500 emblems would be 168K dilithium
    • Using 754 exchange rate: 500 emblems would be 377K dilithium
    • 2000 C-Store points = MVAM = 168K or 377K dilithium
    • 1 c-store point = 84 or 188.5 dilithium

> Crafting Changes
– all tiers craftable again
– dilithium inserted into the higher tier (even levels)
– Mk XI Beam Array has old schematic costs + 16K refined dilithium (2 days to convert)
– MK XI Beam Array at ESD (was 30 emblems) 22,620 dilithium = 754 exchange rate

– Mission Chain Problem:

– The Foundry: component complete still broken & anti-exploit nerf stops XP & drops after the 30th NPC kill in a single mission.

– Female Animations have been adjusted:

Now, if you choose the 3 feminine stances (Feminine, Sexy, Cute), you will get the existing new female walks & runs in unarmed modes.

If you choose the other gender neutral stances (Standard, Brawler, Stern …) you will get the default standard walks/ & runs.

– Zeronious Rex promoted to Producer and Farktoid5000 promoted to QA Lead

– So Stephen D’Angelo said, during his interview on STOked 100, that he was going to have Stephen Ricossa do the Engineering Reports.

But then StormShade says no more Engineering Reports.….php?p=3815496
Now Stormshade says no more Dev Blogs.….php?p=3835627

– 700 Day Veteran Reward will come due December 11th, just 2 days after STO F2P launch.

– JBJeremy’s New Cryptic account & he is BorticusCryptic

Skills Revamp is coming!
Early details in CaptianGeko’s forum post.

Foundry Files:

  • Overall, this mission is perfect for someone who wants to play a diplomatic mission with no combat (and hey, its another way to get some DXP, and it stacks up with some of Cryptics diplomatic missions like the ones that came out in Season 2) With a good story, and good puzzles, its very good for someone who wants to play a mission without combat.

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