STOked Season 1 Episode 7

STOked Season 1 Episode 7

This week on STOked, highlights of the best tidbits on the latest round of press blitz from Cyrptic (we’ve got some juicy details!), we cover the new time line video and of course the Klingon focused Star Trek Online trailer. We update you on the new pre-order incentive goodies, and last but not least we go over the history of how Cryptic Studios obtained the rights from Paramount to make a Star Trek MMO.


Star Trek Online Pre-Order

Al Rivera (Lead Designer) – Q&A @ OlderGamers

STO Trailer – Klingon!

STO Timeline Video, Part 1

Behind STO – the Story of Cryptic (venturebeat)

Player Progression @

Ship Boff Station Mods (Overview)


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