Joint Failures Episode 1: eBooks and Weed

Joint Failures Episode 1: eBooks and Weed

Joint Failures Episode 1: John and Chris discuss their thoughts on Obama’s recent medical marijuana policy. Then we discuss the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Nobel Nook, is it time to switch to eBooks? We follow that up with a series of questions for the audience and then give you our reviews of Bruce Willis movie Surrogates, this season of Mad Men. Then we debate if we should be watching or skipping Stargate Universe and Fringe, plus a review of Dollhouse.

We cap off the show with a look at why it’s becoming particularly harder for geeks to find jobs, and explorer the idea of quitting your day job and going back to school.

Tech Section:
-Medical Marijuana, useful or just an excuse to get high?
-eBooks the future? A look at the Kindle and Nook.
-Do people want video? Audio? Both sometimes? Should we only do tech? Or is there a place for non-tech stuff but with a geek focus? HARD for us to figure out.

Entertainment Section:
– Surrogates Review
– Mad Men
– Stargate Universe
– Dollhouse
-Fringe Update
-Chris loves Audiobooks turns out.

BS Section:
-One geek’s trail of looking for a job in a market sucks for geeky jobs
-Can you be to far down the path to restart the career?
-The game of finding a job


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