A New Hope | STOked 103

A New Hope | STOked 103

Star Trek Online’s Free to Play date has been announced, and details on when existing players will get their hands on all the new changes, and we cover it all!

Plus: Is Star Wars The Old Republic a threat to Star Trek Online? We share our thoughts on the elephant in the room!

Then – you’re going to love our Foundry Files pick this week, Niki’s MATH update on the formulas behind skill bonuses, and you Doff system fans won’t want to miss Community Feedback!

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Ready Player One – Support STOked by buying a book or subscribing to Audible!


Foundry Files:

The author of “The Spirits Of Ramok Nor”, alimac30, is back with his new mission “The City Of The Polmar Ree”.
  • Will the mission live up to the expectations set by his first mission?
  • See what 4 months of mission building can produce.
  • Be prepared to read a lot for this dialogue heavy mission.
  • Experience some of the best environments produced by Foundry authors to date.
  • Contact the team at their email: foundryfiles@jupiterforce.net



  • Nikki delves into the new formulae behind skill bonuses
  • Chris tries to decide if the new way is more user friendly and intuitive
  • Raw formulae are provided so that you can do your own Math

Community Feedback:

  • We go very in depth on a question about having a mobile device application to control the Doff system without the need to log into the game on your computer. Wishful thinking or impending reality?
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