Ready for Battle | STOked 104

Ready for Battle | STOked 104

Star Trek Online’s next featured episode series gets a release date that’s close on the heels of the January F2P launch. Early hype indicates that it will be the best FE series to date!

Chris takes some time to explain the style in which STOked is delivered and why it should not be confused with the intent behind the weekly production of the podcast. We also cover some new skill UI changes, an update to the purpose of the Red Alert chat channel, some new artwork on ESD and go on a deep dive through the newly revamped Special Task Force mission, Infected.

The new Advanced Combat Tactics (A.C.T.) segment debuts this week and promises to be a great companion for new and established players alike.

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  • New Featured Episodes Delayed Until February [link].
  • Geko’s upcoming skill change information [link]
  • Crafting System – Material Blocks Introduced [link]
  • Tweet Leak of new skills UI
  • Update to usage / purpose of Red Alert chat channel[link]
  • New Icons On ESD [link1] [link2]
  • STF Queue Timers [link]
  • Broadcast UGC episode 10 released – play through of “City Of The Polmar Ree” from last weeks Foundry Files with guest player Admiral Murphy. Broadcast UGC is the show where the UGC team play Foundry missions live! Join them on Fridays at 3pm US Pacific / 6pm US Eastern / 11pm UK / 8am (Saturday) Australian Eastern time at

A.C.T. (Advanced Combat Tactics):

Ground Weapons Part 1 with Ciphertazi.

  • Single target weapons
  • Multiple target weapons
  • Special weapons e.g. CRM 200 (Breen freezy gun)
  • A key bind to merge aim & crouch so save crucial seconds in combat

“Old” Infected Recap:

  • Reacquaint yourself with how the first of the Borg STFs used to be with these video summaries created by Lee Andrew.
  • Space Infected – Video 1 link
  • Ground Infected – Video 2 link

Tactical View:

  • Cryptic Gozer has worked feverishly to revamp the Borg STFs and we start to explore what devious surprises he has in store for us by taking on the “Infected”.
  • Silverwings guides us through the major changes to the mission and goes into some new tactics that will help you to be successful.
  • Final loot is now provided to every player on the mission removing the whole Need / Greed / Pass mechanic from that aspect of the mission.

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  • We will take all questions, comments, concerns regarding STO & F2P, Cryptic, STOked and its segments (News Roundtable, Advanced Combat Tactics, Tactical view, Foundry Files).
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