Remastered Cure | STOked 105

Remastered Cure | STOked 105

Get some advice on how best to prepare for the upcoming F2P conversion in early December, and we continue with part two of the STF revamp series with The Cure revamp and all those nasty Borg evils in store for us!

Chris hosts another dance party, this time in Quark’s, and Captain Geko decides to crash it and he brings some friends….Borg drones, an assimilated Gorn, some Klingon fighters and even a D’deridex. Yes, you read that correctly….the Devs spawned space craft INSIDE the bar!

Community feedback covers the F2P preparation guide and some in depth math on the upcoming dilthium conversion rate including the “dilithium tax” that’s been heavily debated recently.

All that, and the weeks news!

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  • Borg Invasion Of Defera Delayed (time zones) link
  • C-Store price changes coming early sale announcement / original comment
  • Patrols missions level with player
  • Story missions with unique rewards level with you link 1 / link 2
  • UI Improvements – character selection updated / waypoint graphics updated / compass added
  • Doffs – spend free doff token to unlock purchasable purple doffs at each tier link
  • “Big Lobes” Update – Ferengi now get 20% discount at EC & GPL stores link
  • Additional Foundry slots available – two for 7K, four for 10K link
  • Naomi Wildman dialogue regarding the Delta Flyer has been removed (no longer craftable) link
  • Mission replay no longer available from the Ready Room on player bridges (now located in journal) link

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Tactical View:

  • The revamped Cure STF sees the original space portions merged
  • The ground portion has been shortened and had a gate removed
  • Borg beam in groups have been replaced with Borg turrets
  • Silverwings provides detailed tactics on how to succeed with the revamped missions and get that all important Borg loot.

Community Feedback:

  • Dilithium conversion information spreadsheet
  • F2P preparation guide gives  long standing players a heads up on actions they may choose to take before the conversion hits in early December.
  • Dilthium exchange rate is exposed and the news isn’t great for wealthy players.
  • Community to make submissions to community feedback through
  • We will take all questions, comments, concerns regarding STO & F2P, Cryptic, STOked and its segments (News Roundtable, Advanced Combat Tactics, Tactical view, Foundry Files).
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  • Twitter: @Asmick_JF

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