Beyond the Finish Line | STOked 108

Beyond the Finish Line | STOked 108

Jeremy from Cryptic (formally from STOked) joins us to chat about up coming game changes, like the ground skill revamp, crafting overhaul, a new weapon you’re going to get your hands on for the holidays, and some more behind the scenes details on the holiday event!

Plus why it took so long to fix Voldemort, and the new bug you can help the STO dev’s track down!

Also: Chris’ thoughts on the Holiday Event, and an important tweak he’d like to see made and he kicks the tires of the new Jem’Hadar player ship!

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J-Man’s tip to avoid ESD to get to Q’s Winter Wonderland:

If you’re trying to get to Q’s Winter Wonderland and would like to avoid ESD, here’s a quick workaround:

* Press “J” to open your Mission Overview (or whatever you have it mapped to)
* Click the “Calendar” button at the bottom of the pane.
* Look for Dec 8th, 2011.
* Double-click on that day’s event to bring up the event pop-up.
* Click the “Transwarp” button at the bottom of the pane that pops up.
* Wait for loading screen to complete.
* Profit!

I sympathize with folks that have an issue loading ESD, and it’s not an issue that’s going completely ignored. Until things improve, please remember functions like the Event Calendar that can help you move around in Star Trek Online.

Chris’ Holiday Trek Picks:

[asa default]1451621299[/asa]
[asa default]B0029F1X3M[/asa]
[asa default]B003ZDP8Z6[/asa]
[asa default]B001TH16DI[/asa]
[asa default]B0000683DH[/asa]
[asa default]B0030AOD2S[/asa]
[asa default]B004FQDWP0[/asa]

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