Interview with Cryptic’s Daniel Stahl | STOked S1 E15

Interview with Cryptic’s Daniel Stahl | STOked S1 E15

STOked Season 1 Episode 15: We Interview Daniel Stahl from Cryptic and get details on Klingon gameplay & Klingon ships of the line, how the Genesis engine works in game, how Cryptic plans to bring in the casual gaming fan, and an exclusive update regarding console play!

PLUS: We discuss the selection of Zachary Quinto as “the voice of STO”, roundup the various pre-order incentives from retailers, and then review our favorite Star Trek Online screenshots of the week!

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This week’s Show Notes:


Interview with Daniel Stahl, Content Producer


Zachary Quinto To Be ‘Voice’ of Star Trek Online

Confirmed Pre-Oder Details:
GameStop: Exclusive ship: The classic USS Enterprise
Best Buy: Pet Tribble or Targ (based on faction)
Amazon: “Liberated Borg” Bridge Officer with “unique nanotechnology augmentations”
Direct2Drive: Multi-Spatial Personal Shield (regenerates itself and player health)
Wal-mart: Bonus Skill Points (bestows additional skill points)
Target: TR-116 ground weapon (micro-transporter beams projectiles to target, no line of sight required)
Steam: Chromodynamic Armor, improves critical hits and damage of energy weapons
All include Head Start access, and Open Beta access


Ten Ton Hammer — “Building A Fleet” with Steven D’Angelo
7 ranks, with customizable privileges (Fleet Bank, Invites, Removals, etc)
250 character limit, with plans to expand that
Extra costume/uniform slot when joining a fleet
Customizable logo, with options chosen from preset lists
Offline event tracking for fleetmates (showing recent mission completion, boss kills, level gains, etc)

PC Games & Hardware – Hands-on with Benchmarks,700972/Star-Trek-Online-Hands-on-benchmarks-technology-preview-and-new-screenshots/Practice/
Namco Bandai? European publisher/distributor (instead of Atari)
Not much info, but the benchmarks might be pretty to look at if you’re into that.

Remnant Gaming – Community Q&A
Logos designed using an in-game customization, no user-submitted content.
No such thing as kill-stealing, since there is no open world fighting. All content is objective based, so KSing is just helping you reach your objectives.
Massively – Ground Combat Q&A
Hints at uses for new combat movements (Crouch/Aim, Leap/Roll, Sprint)
Phaser disintegration animations is in!
Grouping: Content scales automatically, but there are no “Runners” (like in CO)
New character animations are coming (they won’t be CO clones)

Eurogamer – Interview w/ Zinc
No new information, but a couple good screenshots of Bryan’s Penis.

JeuxOnline (French) – Interview w/ Andy Velasquez
Clarification on the concept of “crafting”
Hints at future starbase ownership, and a Holodeck system

Zachary Quinto is “the Voice of STO”


Starbase 24 Trailer;img;2
Klingon bridge view
Pretty dang awesome combat content
More unknown ship designs

Reach for the Stars Trailer
Good examples of uniform customization options
Some animated emotes (Vulcan greeting, “Fire phasers!”)
Gorn close-up
Ends with a few shots of epic combat, a cloaking animation, and THE BORG QUEEN

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