Sick Beard Review | In Depth Look

Sick Beard Review | In Depth Look

A PVR for the Internet? Find out how this open source tool can be used to download TV off the net, or just a good clean organizational tool!

What is sick beard? It\’s a server-side application that can be used to to automate downloading of TV episode releases from USENET or Torrents. Or at the very least, to organize your media collection better.

I don\’t support piracy. But lets be honest, the failing traditional media companies continue to restrict how consumers use content. They model was outdated years ago, and today just feels draconian.

So lets start by chatting about how you can use Sick Beard just for good, clean, organization fun! Then after that, I\’ll arm you with the info you need, if you want to take things further.

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Note: When you\’re first configuring Sick Beard it may be more convenient to use Sickbeard-console.exe which will allow you to monitor the console while it\’s running.

DOUBLE Note: Sick Beard does not actually download TV episodes! It has no download functionality at all, it simply watches RSS feeds and integrates with your existing download applications if possible.

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