2010: Will Star Trek Online Make It? | STOked S1 E17

2010: Will Star Trek Online Make It? | STOked S1 E17

We give you our thoughts on the year ahead for Star Trek Online, 2010 is sure to be the most important year for the game and we discuss what we think may help, or hurt, the success of Star Trek Online.

Then we debate if the current and up coming JJ Abrams Star Trek movies will play a major role in Star Trek Online’s player base, and if that’s a good thing…

PLUS – We cover the latest news and review the latest videos and screen shots from the game!

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STOked Episode 17 FEATURE:

2010: Will Star Trek Online Make It?
  • Is it Trek enough for the hard-cores? Is that a bad thing?
  • Is STO dependent on the new movie franchise? 
  • Is Cryptic prepared for a Star Trek game?


Ask Cryptic:  Klingons!  (part2)
  • Warzones can be completed without PvP opponents
  • Deep Space Encounters = PvE

Name that Starship!
  • Cryptic original designs:  T5 Cruiser, Escort, & Science.

Cryptic holds special Holiday Edition IRC Trivia w/ beta giveaways... and watches it blow up in their faces.
  • The room split TWICE, too many people.  Half of which were just being a nuisance and answer questions with "The Force!" and "Space Herpes!" and such.

ZAM gives most anticipated game of 2010 award to.. Star Wars The Old Republic?!

Nimoy will provide voiceover for STO
(link to IGN video)
  • "Cardassians chose a path that would lead to hope and prosperity.  Many hoped this alliance would last forever ... it did not."
  • "The truth behind the destruction of the Romulan homeworld, may be the harbinger of the greatest threat the Federation will ever face."


WarCry beta report: 

PvP gameplay Q&A w/ Zeke "Continuum" Sparkes @ Ten Ton Hammer
  • Cryptic's aim is to NOT separate PvE from PvP mechanics, and instead have the player's only adaptation in PvP be outwitting smarter opponents.
  • Lots of great descriptions of different PvP scenarios/maps.

Altern8 gives a tour of Earth Spacedock
  • This will end up being more helpful after the game is released.  It's exactly what it sounds like, and kinda boring without context.

MMORPG's STO Preview, Part 1
  • You can PAUSE ground combat instances - 45second timer
  • Wants MORE ground combat!
  • Great preview for folks not lucky enough to be in Beta

Inc Gamers Hands-On Preview

GamesRadar Hands-On Preview
  • Some solid criticism, but generally a good impression.  A welcome change from opinionless reviews we've seen elsewhere.


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