Fun with Port Scanning | In Depth Look

Fun with Port Scanning | In Depth Look

It\’s just good computer hygiene to check what ports you have open from time to time. And its also a good security practice. In this week\’s episode, we\’re going to have FUN with port scanning… Yes really!

How to check your own computer, other systems on your LAN, and audit your firewall from an outside host.

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Self Audit:

nmap localhost

Find all active IPs on your network:

nmap -sP 10.1.10.*

Get info about remote host ports and OS detection

nmap -sS -P0 -sV -O

Check your router/firewall from the outside:

All web servers on my local network:

nmap -sT -p 80 -oG – 10.1.10.* | grep open

Extra Fun:

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