Live STO Q&A & Surviving Open Beta | STOked S01E18

Live STO Q&A & Surviving Open Beta | STOked S01E18

STOked | S01E18: Have Chris & Jeremy figured out STO’s monthly price? What about the rumors of a way to buy into closed beta (and thus open beta)? These questions plus live caller questions answered in this week’s episode of STOked!

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Show Notes:


* How to survive Open Beta
– Pace yourself
– Explore your options
– Group, group, group
– Get math’d!
– Above all else, remember that it is still Beta. Bugs will happen. Roll with it, and report them.
– Stay informed (driver requirements, patch notes, etc)

Favorite moments from Closed Beta:
– Each just give our #1 favorite story, of what we’ve experienced so far.


FilePlanet “selling” closed beta to Founders in the last few days:

Amazon Pre-Selling $30 worth of game play:

Massively’s Preview:

Infamous YouTube Leaker:

Suricata’s Ship Chart gets a major content-laden update:

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