The Computer Action Show! S02E02

The Computer Action Show! S02E02

This week on, The Computer Action Show!

China Hacks Google. Google Delta Force, powered by Chuck Norris, Hacks China right the heck back, we have the great Boxee Box debate, discuss Intel hating on AMD, and ramble on about Firefox dropping the THREE DOT SEVEN RELEASE!

THEN – We review the Litl webbook and part two of our Droid view

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All this week on, The Computer Action Show!

This week’s Links:

Google Hacked the Chinese Hackers Right Back

Boxee Launches Beta with New UI, Boxee Box

Firefox 3.7 dropped from Mozilla’s development plan

Philips To Bundle Songbird with Music Players

Intel Forced to Remove “Cripple AMD” Function from Compiler?

iPhone Touchscreen Bests Nexus One, Droid in Accuracy Tests

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