STOked s2e1: Gozer Interview & Skills Calculator

STOked s2e1: Gozer Interview & Skills Calculator

Dan AKA Gozer joins us from Cryptic Studios, then in our new MATH segment we discuss combat tactics and turning radius, show you a great new skill calculator, and kick off our STO MEDIA segment with some footage from the end-of-beta event!



Thanks to Jerab for the cool posters!

New Season Format

What’s next?  In Development


Get Math’d with Al Rivera — Captain Skills
Captain Bryan’s Penis Skill Calculator
Turning Radius and Throttle of Bryan’s Penis


Interview with Gozer


Caricature of us is awesome, thanks Grayghost in the Jupiter Force Forums
Our end of Beta event video
BIG thanks to Ronald Jenkees for the use of our new segment bump music! Find him over

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