Bioshock 2 Preview & STO Review | LOTSO 001

Bioshock 2 Preview & STO Review | LOTSO 001

Legend of the Stoned Owl, Episode 1: We Preview Bioshock 2, then discuss the shutdown of the original Xbox LIVE service, and what that could mean for digital downloads.

We wrap the whole episode up with a review of the recently released MMO, Star Trek Online, and somehow end up selling the cast on Champions Online!

Show Info:

Legend of the Stoned Owl is a new show all about video games, the hosts take pride in there in-depth discussion about games, we take a holistic approach to our look at each game.

This show is designed for the audio listener, but we’ve included a video version that captures our screens and matches the flow of conversation that provides the viewer with a visual guide to the topics we discuss. The focus is always on the content, and not the hosts.

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Show Notes:


Fallout New Vegas coming out Fall 2010
Splinter Cell Conviction release date 4/13/10


Star Trek Online Released 4/2/10

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