STOked S02E03: New Borg Content, Game Bugs & Martial Arts

STOked S02E03: New Borg Content, Game Bugs & Martial Arts

STOked Season 2 Episode 3: We cover the new Borg & Undine game play coming to Star Trek Online, chat about some new game bugs, update you on the planned maintenance times for STO, and what to expect from up coming patches.

MATH: Learn the fine art of Martial Arts in STO, including what traits your character needs to have to vaporize someone with your fists!

PLUS: A look at a Jupiter Force fleet action in our MEDIA segment!

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Show Notes:

Chris & Jeremy.
Bryan was ambushed by a mercenary band of midgets, hired by a viewer that didn’t appreciate his verbal abuse of goats.


Borg Content released! Rolled out via patch on Feb 11th
New Episodes include:
· The Cure – A planet has been completely taken over by the Borg. Players will fight them for control of the planet.
· Khitomer Accord – Travel back in time and uncover and participate in the events that led to the release of old Borg players encountered in the Tutorial Episode.
· Into the Hive – Track down a missing Starfleet captain and come face-to-face with the new Borg Queen.

Stahl tells us first Raidisode scheduled for Feb 18th:
… which leads to confirmation of weekly patch/update schedule:
And before this gets out of hand… I should give context.

We are targetting regularly scheduled downtimes on Thursdays instead of emergency bug or server fixes at the last minute. As stability improves we’re getting back on schedule as we were during Beta.
This also will include the opening up of the Test Shard where players will be able to play updates prior to them going live. We will of course push any critical fixes live as soon as we can.
The entire team is hard at work either fixing bugs or working on one of our future updates. We will be rolling out things as fast as we can – on a scheduled basis.

Additional Patch Content (Feb 11th) —
Noteworthy from patch notes:
* Several repeatable missions for lvl 43+ players. Exporation, DSEs and Patrol-like missions.
— Funny (and yet sad) bug, apparently the text for DSEs is cut & paste from Klingon & Cardassian intros, including:
“Everything was going just fine until the Borg contacted us and asked us to work for them as well. I really don’t like the Borg and I think they figured that out. Before our conversation could end formally, they were screaming in their native language, and they let us know that we’d pay for our refusal.”
*** FIXED Feb 13th patch (but still funny!)
* Numerous bug fixes (Aceton Field bug, FPS on skill display, PvP mission objectives, Boffs can use bonus costumes, and more!)

* High end video cards are experiencing overheating issues. Fixed by limiting game FPS to 60 (new default as of Feb 13)
* Beam Energy problems, excessive energy drain or failure to apply EPS benefits?:
* Science Team still cannot be triggered under the effects of Viral Matrix. (use Attack Pattern Omega – LtC Tactical)

* Mostly fixed bugs introduced in the Feb 11th patch, or fixed bugs that SHOULD have been fixed.
* Modified RAMMING SPEED to deal less damage to large targets (like the Crystalline Entity, e.g.)
Undocumented changes:
— “Fire All Weapons” … isn’t. There’s something wrong with the UI interaction, causing people to have to spam even more than before — only one weapon can fire at a time.
— War Zone (aka Borg Hunt) now gives credit, and can be completed!


The Fine Art of Face Punching (Martial Arts)

* Tactical recommended due to skills that boost damage, and kit powers that help.
* Remains inferior to ranged combat due to movement issues & latency issues.
* Not enough burst damage for PvP.

Base Damage calculations UNKNOWN, but derived from:
* Rank (Lt, LtC, Comm, etc)
* Phys Strength (trait)
* Tactical Skills — Close Combat Training, Special Forces, Martial Arts

Primary Attacks, Demi-Combos, and Combos:

Primary Attack (1) = Interrupt
Note: This ability will only interrupt special powers that might be activated with Kits (such as summoning turrets, or initiating a heal). The window for these interrupts is extremely small, as most abilities require less than 1-2 seconds to activate.
Secondary Attack (2) = Snare
Note: The fact that this debuff only lasts 1 second makes it almost completely worthless. I believe it is supposed to prevent people from running while you beat on them, but its duration doesn’t facilitate this function.

Demi-Combos = String of TWO consecutive attacks
All result in a 1-second Root effect (except the last – no move = no effect), and deal 2x base damage
1-1 = Chin Strike
2-2 = Backhand
2-1 = Uppercut
1-2 = (nothing?)

Combos = String of THREE consecutive attacks
All deal 3x base melee damage (unless otherwise noted), in addition to other effects.

1-1-2 = Right Hook
* Chance to Critical Strike = 100% (or very near)
* (3x base dmg) x your crit modifier (1.5x by default, can be enhanced)

1-2-1 = Two-Fisted Backhand
* Slight Pushback/Interrupt, chance to Knockdown
* 3x base dmg

1-2-2 = Roundhouse Kick
* Melee Range Cone attack — 3x base dmg to all targets in a close frontal arc

2-1-1 = Left Backhand
* 3x base dmg, and applies a very small bleed DOT
* Chance to Stun/Hold

2-2-1 = Roundhouse Sweep
* Melee Range Cone Attack — 3x base dmg to all targets in a close frontal arc
* High knockback

2-1-2 = Forward Kick
* Increased damage (similar range to a Critical Strike — [(3xBase) x1.5] but can ALSO crit)
* Chance to Disable opponent (unable to perform any actions, only move)

Undine Trailer: has a few screen shots of the new Undine game play, looks crazy cool:

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