God of War III Preview & BioShock 2 Review | LOTSO 002

God of War III Preview & BioShock 2 Review | LOTSO 002

Legend of the Stoned Owl, Episode 2: We preview Sonic 4 and God of War III & go in-depth on BioShock 2.

PLUS – We discuss the up coming Starcraft II Multiplayer launch, chat about Fable III’s holiday release, and last but not least – We fill everyone in on the format and plans for Legend of the Stoned Owl!

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Show Notes:


– Activision Blizzard has lost $286 from the rhythm game market (Guitar and DJ Hero)
– Starcraft II Multiplayer Beta begins this month (Not that interesting)
– Fable III to come this holiday
1.) Co-op will be better. You’ll be able to bring in your custom character and dog rather than a pre-made template.
2.) Traditional XP leveling is gone. It’s replaced by how many followers you can obtain which increase your influence in the game
3.) Weapon level up. The more you use it the better it becomes
4.) The HUD and health bar have been taken out. It’s Replaced by an “FPS Style damage system”

Bioshock 2 Review

The Harvester Play Through

-First thoughts – So far I like being the Big Daddy
-When you jump you get the sense of size
-Seeing your shadow is a good reminder as well (along with the big drill)
-Going up against splicers is still tough
-Big Sister gives quite a scare, but I hate thinking that I never saw or heard of her before – where was she?
-Graphics are good, but more of the same. To me, they haven’t improved (not gotten worse, and probably a little better, just not a drastic change in visuals)
-The new hacking segments seem streamlined. While they keep you more immersed in the game, I really did like the pipe dream mini game. Don’t know which is better, I just liked the old way.
-So far I really don’t like/care for the dad searching for his daughter in Rapture (Mark Meltzer). Seems to mirror what’s going on with the Big Daddy/Eleanor story (redundant).
-The underwater segments (so far) seem like just loading in between levels type of thing. Totally linear, and nothing going on.
-Harvesting gets a lot of adam, allowing for a lot more upgrades, but was difficult to do for me after saving all of the sisters the first time around.

The Savior Play Through

– I liked the game being back in Rapture but was very skeptical before I played. It seemed different enough to warrant another game in the same location.
– I was totally wrong about being the Big Daddy:
1.) He doesn’t walk around making a bunch of groans
2.) No loud footsteps while walking. However when he jumps you here a big thud which I like. Made me remember just how big I actually was
3.) He is totally mobile not clunky at all
– Controls like the first game which is good.
– I’m not sure if I prefer the video capture to the traditional camera
– Multiplayer wasn’t bad

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