Starting a Podcast | In Depth Look

Starting a Podcast | In Depth Look

Chris shares his insights on some of most important aspects to starting a show, that often get skipped. Plus questions from the live chatroom, and the most important thing to think about before you start a new podcast!

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  • Is there a passion seed? What are you going to draw from, over the long haul? How can that be shaped into a resource for a show?

Documenting this crazy time, discovering the real story, theory discussion, distorting the cancers media.

  • How does it need to be packaged, so that it\’s compelling to others?

    An audio podcast, with a visual enhanced version from the live stream. I hope to utilize the theater of the mind, by removing visual distractions in some cases people can focus better.

  • Who\’s the target? Your peers, n00bs, all of the above? That will influence the structure and themes of your show a lot.

My peers, or and those who are looking to expand beyond the manufactured news.

Is there an audience for this?

Hard to measure directly. However, the topics are engaging, and so are the times. It stands to reason it could be.

  • Will you have a co-host? What is the work load share?


  • Do you have the hardware you need?


Do you have the time? Can you stick to it every single week? What about your co-host?

Always a challenge, but this is a situation I am used to handling!

  • What\’s your Syndication strategy?

We\’ll use hosting, like ScaleEngin, GoDaddy Hosted servers, Libsyn, and RSS feeds will point to that content. Those feeds will be submitted to iTunes, and other podcast \”directories\”.

  • Do you have catchy Artwork?

iTunes suggests that you use a nice-looking 512 x 512 pixel image for your podcast, and I recommend that you follow their advice. You have a much better chance of getting featured this way. Add this image to the input boxes in the iTunes settings tab, also located in your PowerPress admin panel.

You want to take the time to create a killer podcast name, description and summary.

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