STOked Season 2 Episode 5: What We Want Fixed

STOked Season 2 Episode 5: What We Want Fixed

We give Star Trek Online it’s 30 day evaluation, cover the controversy surrounding the recent game price drop and extended free play, discuss the up coming player tester server named tribble, and take video from our fleet members on what they’d like to see in STO!

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Show Notes:

New BONUS offer from Atari: $39.99 box + 90 days of free game time —
What about us that already purchased? Less than 30 days later, and they’ve dropped the price substantially!
Yet another round of forum backlash.
Gozer announces Raid Content on Tribble (Test) and Character Copy —
“The current plan however is to release it to the New Test Server along with a character copy feature (also coming this week) first, and then if all goes well to the Live Server the following week. You should be able to copy your characters over to the test server and play the raidisode if you dont want to wait on the Live Server update the following week, as long as you are either a KDF General or Starfeet Admirial.. Yes thats right…. KDF General…”
Delayed by more than two weeks. It better be epic!
h2orat confirms Shield Rings will become removable —
Officially put on the ‘feature to be added’ list. Who knows how far down? 😉
There is a way to do this yourself, but it involves modifying the client and therefore violates the EULA. Beware!
Phoxe confirms Joined Trill for the KDF!
“We’re making it happen! But there’s a lot of work involved”
State of the Game 2/25/10 —
Mostly already stated in our interview from last week.
Noteworthy Tidbits:
The addition of a Difficulty Slider is on their radar!
Hints at playable faction additions: Cardassians, Romulans, Horta?
Ask Cryptic: Klingons —
Submit your questions now!


5.5 / 10 (6.7 / 10 from community)
Good: Sound // Character Creator // Big Space Battles (particularly PvP)
Bad: Ground Combat // Far Too Easy // Poorly-written & Repetitive Missions

C+ rating
Good: Famous Trek locations/situations // Variety of gameplay // Space combat is enjoyable & epic
Bad: Ground combat is unoriginal, poorly animated, and environments are vastly disproportionate // Too Easy // Exploration is a huge disappointment of cookie-cutter repetition

2 out of 5 stars
Good: Cryptic clearly loves Trek
Bad: … almost everything else!

SPECIAL EDITION: (no Math this week)

30-day STO Review
Gripes & Praise, from STOked

Chris’ Thoughts:
He prolly has some… He is not sure. Good thing he wrote this part.

Jeremy’s #1 Gripe: Failure of QA — that’s QUALITY Assurance.
Inaccurate mission descriptions
Stupid bugs (Pathing in the Fire Caves, Red Matter Capacitor, e.g.)
I HOPE that “Tribble” helps with this issue, allowing players to get involved with QA again.

Bryan’s Brain:
Story Line
Typos & grammatical mistakes


“What STO Needs is….” — player submitted videos from Jupiter Force

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