Smell of Bajor | STOked 111

Smell of Bajor | STOked 111

Some big news in the world of STO this week, Chris covers that at the top of the show. Then it’s a look at the new featured episode “Of Bajor”. Does this new mission add more “trek” into the game?

Plus: Mav is back with Community feedback, you’ve wrote in to tell us about your latest issues in game, and we address the two major ones we keep hearing about!

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Show Notes:

Bugs That We Would Like Community Feedback For:

De-Teaming bug in STFs. Randomly during the STFs the team is disbanded forcing everyone to re-team. If there are KDF players involved, the FED players cannot invite them and vice versa effectively splitting the team. This seems to happen more frequently if the optional objective has failed.

STF Prototype (MK XII) Loot Problem. Over the course of the last two weeks it has become apparent that these are not dropping at all or the drop rate has been nerfed in some way. We would like to know if the community are seeing the same lack of loot as the Jupiter Force have identified.

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