STO Respec Guide | STOked S02E08

STO Respec Guide | STOked S02E08

STOked Season 2 Episode 8: In this quick episode Jeremy breaks down the mechanics are Star Trek Online’s character skills system, how you might want to approach respec’ing your character thanks to the latest content update, and a few things to think about for different styles of game play.

Plus! A first look at the new Special Task force mission, “The Cure”!

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Respecs will be available on March 25th!

Live on Tribble NOW, so go try ’em out.

To get started on the Respec process talk to the SKILL TRAINER at the center of Earth Spacedock.  Or if you’d prefer to avoid the crowds, you can also do it on DS9.

Klingons can do it near the battle ring at Q’onos


Everyone will get ONE FREE Respec when the system launches on the 25th.
You also are given one free with each promotion (LT to LTC, eg)
NOTE:  Free Respecs DO NOT STACK.  You can only have one free token at a time.

Merit Costs are as follows:
LT = 500
LTC = 
COM = 6,000
CAP = 12,000
RA = 20,000


UI Mechanics

Works just like the Skill Window.

Arrows to add/remove points from a skill.
    You have to remove points from high-end skills first, then you can do lower ranks.
    Available / Spent counters update on-the-fly.

Use the “Clear All” button to start over from scratch.

Use the “Reset” button to get back to where you started before opening the retraining UI.

NOTE:  You don’t have to spend all of your points from this interface.  But you DO have to spend enough to be at your current rank.
Build Your Character:

I cannot recommend the STO Skill Builder enough.  There is no better tool on the ‘net:

You can watch Season 2 Episode 4 for a complete guide to using it:

General Tips to Rebuilding Your Character:


With a free respec at each rank, you can go for more “immediate” benefits as you level up, including ship type and weapon type changes.  Go nuts!  Try stuff out!
    If you’re already an Admiral, spend with care and plan ahead.


Use the character skill builder!  Examine your skills with care, take notes, and invest in what will benefit you most!


So far, both of the high-end STF zones have a large Ground Combat component.  Don’t be a detriment to your team — invest in your skills, and focus on a role/kit that you enjoy playing.


Prepare to get MATHED, kiddies:
    I’m going to go on record as encouraging you all to focus on either Phaser or Disruptor energy weapons, and Photon or Quantum projectiles.  The other weapon types simply cost too many SPs per bonus point, an d the secondary bonuses are no better.  Some could actually argue that they are WORSE.

Lieut        LtComm        Comm        Capt        Rear Adm

100sp        200sp          300sp       400sp         500sp     = per rank of bonus
900           1800           2700         3600          4500       = to max bonus
+2per        +1.666        +1.926      +1.444        +1.155    = per 100sp

As you can see, the Commander rank skills are the only ones worth investing in.  LT and LTC are worthwhile because they stack, but COMM/CAPT/RA do not stack.

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