Android on Your PC | In Depth Look

Android on Your PC | In Depth Look

Find out how easy it is to install Ice Cream Sandwich on your PC, why you might want to do it, and what you can do with it! Plus an easy way to run Android in VirtualBox, and how to get Ethernet support under Android.

Plus in the show notes, Chris\’ shares his three easy steps to getting started!

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How to get started?

  1. These are the officially supported devices, but Android-x86 should work on others too. An old list of supported devices / hardware can be found HERE.

Android-x86 4.0 has been tested / it should work on MSI 110W, Asus EeePC or some Asus laptops/tablets and Tegav2.

  1. Download UNetbootin to flash the ISO image to a thumb drive. Or you can burn the ISO image to a CDROM.

  2. Boot and enjoy! If you like it, reboot and select the install option.

A couple Android-x86 4.0 (ICS) tips:

  • *When using it in VirtualBox, make sure you select \”Disable Mouse Integration\”
  • *Disable screen autorotate from the Android-x86 settings, or else some application might rotate it for you (and that\’s quite annoying if your device doesn\’t support it)

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